Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

I’m married to an awesome guy, I’m crazy about a good acoustic guitar, and my passion is songwriting and worship leading. I started my musical career at a young age, and in my early teen years I created a Contemporary Christian rock/pop band (“narrowpath”) with my brother and sister. We wrote original music together, recorded several projects in Nashville together, and performed all over the East Coast. I’m currently working towards a bachelors in music, working three worship leader jobs, and aid aspiring artists in their songwriting on a routine basis.

Along the way, I’ve picked up many helpful tips and tools that I felt are too good to keep to myself, hence the existence of kaelon creative. You can check out more of what we’ll discuss here, but what I really want to get to is the meaning behind the name of my brand.

The word “kalon” in Greek means true and complete beauty. Anymore in the music industry, it is so easy for us musicians to pressure ourselves into becoming more and more like other artists, and we end up losing ourselves along the way. I want kaelon creative to be a place where you as an artist are aided in your artist development, but most importantly, a place to aid you in staying true to your own artistry, and not becoming someone else.

Your sound, your voice, your brand, and your story is completely unique and there is nothing else like it. Embrace it, and yes, work to be better but remember that does not mean becoming the next Taylor Swift – it means being YOU!